Campus Planning

SF State's Plans and Responses to COVID-19

The Gator community — a mosaic of our diverse students, faculty and staff — is the heart of SF State. Guided by our proven community's commitment to safety and health, in addition to the positive outlook backed by public health guidelines, our phased return to campus has thus far been successful and continues to operate well! As we continue to live, learn and work through this recovery process, we ask for your flexibility and thank you in advance for your patience.      

SF State's Guiding Principles

This guidance is to provide an overall structure to maintain a healthy campus and to gradually increase the number of SF State students, faculty and staff who are on campus. The plan will be based on the following guiding principles to support SF State’s core academic mission:

Foundational to a vibrant and welcoming campus is the presence of our students, faculty, staff and administrators. Health and safety measures such as physical distancing may prevent a 100% staff repopulation. Our plans allow for the optimum number of staff members who can be on campus while maintaining health and safety requirements. 

Our phased return to campus planning is only one part of that transition. We’ll also begin to see more long-lasting consequences from the past year, like increased diversity of teaching, learning and working modalities (remote, hybrid and face-to-face), “restarts” of dormant activities and programs (e.g., Mashouf Wellness Center, Athletics) and changes in campus activity and population patterns, which will affect campus security, parking/transportation and availability of student and employee services.

Surveys revealed that the safer we make the campus for our students, faculty and staff, the more optimistic they are about returning. This will guide and inform our planning for Fall '21, as well as Spring '22 

The campus will provide a robust health and safety program and empower students, faculty, staff and administrators with measures they should take for their own and the community’s health and safety.   

As conditions improve, we expect and welcome increased levels of student, faculty and staff activities. A responsible level of oversight will be necessary to ensure health and safety protocols are planned and followed — including those for off-campus activities.   

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