COVID-19 Resources

Stay Informed and Educated

We strive to keep our campus community informed and educated with the latest COVID-19 updates and information.

Keeping our campus informed and educated can positively affect health outcomes in our Gator community by supplementing medical intervention strategies and governmental action.

COVID-19 resources provided in this section include basic information from trusted public health resources, locally, nationally and globally. We encourage our campus community members to consider utilizing these resources to make evidence-based and informed decisions, with the goals of slowing the spread and mitigating potential impacts of COVID-19. We are also utilizing this information to make sure our University’s decision-making is grounded in data and science in accordance with local and national official public health guidelines and best practices.

Quick Links

SARS-CoV-2 molecular structure

Public Health Information and Guidelines

Learn more about local, national and global public health COVID-19 information and guidelines that inform SF State's planning and response. 

circles tracing movement of a crowd

Testing and Contact Tracing

Learn how testing and contact tracing helps slow the spread of COVID-19, in conjunction with everyday preventative actions and recommended public health best practices.

person receiving a vaccine shot in the arm


Learn more about COVID-19 vaccine safety, effectiveness, eligibility and access. Vaccination is a critical next step that can benefit our campus community and bring us closer to ending the global pandemic.