Phased Return to Campus FAQ's

Up-To-Date News:

A:  Please continue to check your email and the What's new or the Communications areas of this website for the latest guidance.


A:  SF State has developed safety training modules for faculty, staff, and students prior to returning to campus for in-person instruction or work in accordance with CalOSHA regulations. The health and safety training can be located at the required health and safety training.

Employees and student assistants must complete the “SF State: Working Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic before returning to campus. Students must complete the “SF State: Student Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic before returning to campus.  Students can access the training via Single Sign-on “Safety at SFSU During the COVID-19 Pandemic” online training.

* Managers must complete two assigned training: SF State: “Working Safely During the COVID-19” and “Managing During COVID-19 V4” (once completed, you must check the box in CSU Learn that says you completed it, to receive confirmation).

A:  Once employees complete an assigned course, they may re-take the course up to 20 times.

A:  You may access the courses by logging into CSU Learn, find the course, and re-take it. Courses that are housed in a curriculum require the user to re-register for the course to take it again. 

Health and Safety:

A:  SF State has developed safety training modules for faculty, staff, and students prior to returning to campus for in-person instruction or work in accordance with CalOSHA regulations. The health and safety trainings can be located at the required health and safety training.

Employees and student assistants must complete the “SF State: Working Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic before returning to campus. Students must complete the “SF State: Student Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic before returning to campus.  Students can access the training via Single Sing on   “Safety at SFSU During the COVID-19 Pandemic” online training. 

A:  SF State continues to require all members of the campus community to complete the daily health screening if coming to campus.  The screening may be completed in the SF State mobile appon the web and with Gator Ambassadors at campus building entrances.

A:  The University continues to encourage employee to stay home at any time that they feel sick or ill. Employees should notify their supervisors immediately if they are not feeling well. Employee may use the leave options available to them to cover their absences. If you have questions related to your options, please contact Human Resources.

A:  Employees should contact the Disability and Resources Center if they need accommodation.

Building Access:

A:  Employees are welcome to return to campus for brief visits as long as their building is open, have proper approval and follow the steps for coming to campus. Employees who have been asked to return to onsite work should have already received formal approval and communication from their appropriate administrator.

A: Most buildings are currently open at least three days per week. Please check the Buildings and Available Spaces page for details. We expect all buildings to reopen fully on August 9.

A:  Visitors entering campus buildings must be hosted by an employee and must comply with SF State health and safety measures. Learn more about visitors and vendors coming to campus on the Buildings and Available Spaces page of the Campus Plan website.

A:  Hosting external groups for conferences and retreats at the main campus remains suspended.

Face Coverings:

A:  SF State continues to require multi-layered face coverings to be worn indoors unless an individual is in an office alone with a door that can be closed, regardless of vaccination status. Multi-layered face coverings are not required outdoors on campus.

Physical Distancing:

A:  Physical Distancing requirements have been lifted by local and state agencies and CalOSHA regulations.  In addition, there are no capacity limits in campus spaces.

A:  For now, virtual meetings are the preferred method for conducting meetings and in-person meetings cannot be mandatory. A virtual alternative must be available for employees or students who are not attending in-person. Employees and students must comply with SF State health requirements regardless of where the meeting is held, and in-person meetings must be approved by the hosting division’s vice president.

Eating and drinking indoors

Consuming food and beverages indoors is only permissible when students, faculty, and staff can socially distance by at least six feet.

Receptions and other meetings with food and beverages

Receptions and other meetings with shared (e.g. “potlucks”) or catered food and beverages are not permitted. Faculty and staff may provide their own food and beverage (not shared) and enjoy them outdoors. No serving or eating/drinking utensils can be shared.


A: All employees are highly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  However, CSU announced its intention to require COVID-19 vaccinations for students, faculty and staff who will be physically present on campus in the fall, pending FDA approval.  Currently, the Chancellor’s Office is in the process of meeting with the unions on a system-wide Vaccination Policy.  SF State is also working on a Draft Vaccination Policy once the System-wide Policy is implemented.  Please find the CSU requirement for vaccination.

A: Supervisors should not ask employees about their vaccination status.

A:  Currently, SF State has no on-campus vaccination site. SF State is working on another opportunity to host an on-campus vaccination site.


A:  Fall semester will continue to be a transition for students, faculty, and staff, with both on-line and in person opportunities for students. Some faculty will teach in-person and others will continue to teach via virtual modalities.  Many staff will have the opportunity to work in a hybrid model if the positions allow for telecommuting.

A:  Depending on your position, employees may be allowed to continue to telecommute in a hybrid model. Staff employees must complete a temporary telecommuting agreement located on the website and must be signed by an appropriate administrator. The temporary telecommuting document can be found on the Human Resources forms page.

A:  SF State is drafting a long term Telework/Telecommute plan. During the fall, it will go through the appropriate approval channels.

A:  Employees, without HR’s knowledge, who may have been allowed to work out of the area for a period of time while under strict COVID restrictions, will be required to return to on-site work at the direction of the appropriate administrator and Vice President.  If you fall into this category and have not been notified by your supervisor, please contact the AVP of Human Resources at for further guidance.

Ventilation/HVAC System:

A: All building HVAC systems on campus are monitored by Facilities Services within our campus building management system. Alarms are sent to Facilities Personnel if monitor points are out of established parameters (running, temp, filter flow etc.).

A: All HVAC systems on campus were upgraded in 2020 to MERV13 filters (as recommended by the CSU Mechanical Review Board).  These filters are capable of catching virus size particles (including COVID19).

A: Filters are changed at a minimum annually (or sooner if the monitoring show excessive pressure).

A: We attempt to use outside air whenever possible but outside air (up to 100%) is supplied based on varying factors like building duct pressure, flow and temperature needs.

Note: ALL air regardless of whether it is outside or return air is always cycled back through the main MERV13 filters before it is supplied to the building.

A: Facilities Services staff never left the campus during the COVID19 pandemic. Building cleaning schedules and protocols remained in place based on CDC and SFDPH guidelines and campus usage.  At this time, many classrooms, bathrooms and public spaces are cleaned a minimum of two times a day.

A: The campus uses several types based on the space being cleaned.  Some examples: Electrostatic Foggers, Kaivac no touch cleaning systems for bathrooms, manual spray bottle and surface disinfectant wipes.

Note: ALL cleaning agents used in 2020/2021 have been listed on the EPA virus kill list.

Student Programming/Activities:

A. GatorFest! will encompass eight weeks of “welcome back” programming for the entire campus community. There are plans to bring back some of the old favorites like this year’s Class Photo, a First-Year Pinning Ceremony, SketchFest!, REC the Night, Glow Indoor Roller Skating, and attending a Giants Game. We also want to help create some new traditions like a Golden Gate Bridge Walk. There will be lots of other activities in between, such as Trivia Tuesdays, Dive-in Movies, Hiking trips, and a return of many, many of our campus’ activities and events put on by various departments and groups all over campus, and over 40+ Greek Organizations, and an additional 150+ Student Organizations. The theme for this year’s GatorFest! will be the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, and we invite the entire campus to participate in supporting this. For more information, contact by email

A. Planning for programming in the fall will focus on three primary groups of students

  1. Those living and learning on-campus
  2. Those living and learning nearby who can access campus
  3. Those living and learning outside of the area who can only participate virtually

There is a lot of energy and excitement around a return to face-to-face programs and services, but we haven’t forgotten those who will still be living remotely.

A. Our sophomore students who had to spend their freshman year living and learning virtually will indeed be rewarded with their first physical college experience on our campus. We hope to have a Class Photo and Pinning Ceremony just for this group of students, in addition to our incoming freshmen. There will be some programming targeted especially for this sophomore class, helping them adjust to college life, and to set them up for success at SF State. And we can’t forget about our transfer students – the new ones just arriving, as well as our 2nd year transfer students who also missed their first year on campus. In actuality, we really want to encourage ALL students to connect with others within the campus community through programs and activities particularly during the first 8 weeks, as we know this will help with creating a sense of mattering and belonging, leading to their success. We welcome all staff, faculty, and administrators to be as encouraging as possible in creating positive reintegration to campus for our students. We also welcome you to join in our wellness theme in your support of our students this fall.


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