Vaccination/Booster Policy FAQ's

CSU Vaccination/Booster Policy

The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the CSU vaccination/booster policy, which is applicable to SF State employees and students.

A. Any Student or Employee who does not provide a certification of COVID vaccination/booster may be denied access to on-campus and/or in-person campus programs. Students and employees who are approved for an exemption from COVID vaccination for medical or religious reasons must participate in additional public health and safety measures, including routine COVID-19 surveillance testing, to reduce the likelihood of transmission to the campus community.

A. Yes, you will still need to get vaccinated/boosted. The University policy does not allow for exemptions for those who have had COVID-19, and public health officials recommend vaccination/booster for people who have previously tested positive for COVID-19.

A. All employees are subject to this policy; however, the university must negotiate the impacts of the vaccine requirement with each applicable labor union. Until the meet-and-confer process with labor unions has reached a conclusion, the university cannot subject represented employees to consequences for failing to meet this university requirement. 

A. Any student who does not provide a certification may be denied access to campus/programs, this includes in-person classes and off-campus internships or clinical experiences.

If the health and safety of members of the campus community are jeopardized, students may be subject to the University’s student discipline process as outlined in CSU executive order.

A. Any employee who does not provide a certification may be denied access to in-person campus/programs. The CSU is still engaging in the meet-and-confer process with labor unions to address discipline for represented employees who fail to complete a certification. Non-represented employees will be subject to consequences for non- compliance with this policy.

A. In San Francisco visit: to schedule an appointment for a COVID vaccination/booster. 

A. SF State requires that students and employees upload a proof of vaccination/booster. Please let the reviewing office know that you have lost or misplaced your vaccination card and need assistance. If the individual was vaccinated in California, they may access their record at

A. Proof of COVID vaccination/booster or request for an exemption (medical or religious) should be uploaded to MyHealth. Students who fail to do so will be dropped from in-person courses and be required to meet with an advisor to find alternate online courses. All SF State Faculty and non-represented employees (C-99, E-99, and M-80) are required to upload proof of their booster or request a medical/religious exemption by March 31st, 2022. All other represented employees encouraged to voluntarily do the same by March 31st, 2022.

A. COVID vaccine/booster information will be stored in MyHealth, the campus secure and HIPAA compliant electronic health record system. MyHealth is subject to the same usage and security protections, as other sensitive information that is already collected and stored on campus.

A. Human Resources will notify appropriate administrators when/if an employee may not be allowed on campus due to lack of compliance with this policy.

A. SF State has contracted with Shield T3 to provide COVID-19 testing. While this testing is being managed by a third-party provider, employees will be provided with documentation containing the date/time they were tested. Employees will be granted paid time to be tested. Human Resources will notify appropriate administrators when/if an employee is out of compliance with the testing provisions of this policy.

A. Medical exemptions must be verified by a certified or licensed healthcare professional and provided upon campus request. Religious exemptions must be supported by a personal statement describing the applicable religious or other comparable belief that is the basis for the exemption and provided upon campus request. Exemption request forms are available for download via MyHealth.

A. No, Students and Employees who are approved for a medical or religious exemption and must participate in routine COVID-19 testing will be provided said testing at no charge to the Student or Employee. SF State may reserve the right to assess nominal fees for testing of other individuals.

A. Yes! SF State continues to require face coverings to be worn when indoors. 

A. Contractors who access campus are asked to ensure their employees comply with this policy prior to accessing campus. Visitors are required to comply with other safety measures such as face coverings.

A. Yes. Students should contact Counseling & Psychological Services and Employees should contact LifeMatters, the campus employee assistance program.