Vaccine Requirement FAQs

Student Vaccination Requirement

The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding vaccination requirements for students. 

A: Yes. If you do not upload proof of vaccination, or request an exemption, by Friday, August 13, 2021, you will be disenrolled from any face-to-face courses in which you are registered.

Please note: Verification timeframe does not affect student’s ability to stay enrolled.

A: No. As long as you upload proof of your 1st dose by August 13, and then come back and upload your 2nd dose vaccination to MyHealth, you will not be dropped from your in-person classes. However, you will be expected to participate in weekly COVID testing effective the week of August 23 through September 24 or until you are fully vaccinated (2 weeks following your 2nd dose of the vaccine). Proof of your 2nd dose must be uploaded to MyHealth by September 10.

A: No, you will not be dropped from your face-to-face classes. You will be formally notified as to whether your vaccination exemption request has been approved or the University needs additional information. Until then, you’ve been enrolled in the weekly testing program. Please check your email for further instructions. Testing will begin the week of August 23, 2021.

A: No, as long as you have uploaded your proof by August 13, you will not be dropped. It will take a few weeks for the system to verify the information.

A: Yes. If you come to campus for any reason, you must be vaccinated or have an approved medical or religious exemption.

No. If you are enrolled in 100% online/remote instruction for fall 2021 (and you don’t plan to come to campus for other activities), you are not required to get the vaccine. However, if you have already done so or do plan on getting vaccinated, and you upload proof of vaccination by August 13th, you would be eligible for the opportunity drawing (Getting vaccinated also greatly reduces the chances of you – and others - getting seriously ill from COVID19.)

A: Yes. If you have a serious medical condition or a strongly held religious conviction, you may request an exemption from the vaccination policy via MyHealth.

A. Please note that dishonesty relating to the vaccination policy and/or a student's failure to comply with any other COVID-19 related safety policy or mandate, including the face covering requirement, may result in disciplinary action against that student through the Office of Student Conduct, which can include suspension or expulsion from the California State University system.