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This SF State Campus Comeback website provides the most current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. There will be cases in which the information included in the mandated trainings for staff, faculty and students will need to be updated based on new guidelines from official scientific sources. Please check this “What’s New” section of the Campus Comeback website for ongoing updates to the SF State mandated trainings.

  • This Campus Comeback website is the official communications center for the most up-to-date information regarding the campus COVID-19 repopulation plan. Please report any outdated information or discrepancies you may find to covid19@sfsu.edu.
  • Physical distancing requirements have been lifted by local and state agencies and Cal/OSHA regulations. 
  • Multi-layered face coverings are required for all individuals in indoor settings, regardless of vaccinations status. Exemptions may apply to individuals with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. These individuals should contact Disability Programs & Resource Center (DPRC) to discuss reasonable accommodations.
  • Face coverings may be temporarily removed when: 
    • Individuals are alone in a room, office, or vehicle with a door that is closed, or
    • Individuals are eating or drinking indoors (e.g. office spaces, breakroom) if physical distancing (i.e. six feet of distance) can be maintained.
  • Face coverings are not required outdoors. PPE will be distributed by designated individuals in each building during normal business hours, and will be supplied on an ongoing basis. This is a list of building PPE coordinators. For more information, please visit PPE section of the Campus Comeback Health & Safety page.
  • The California State University (CSU) has announced a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for all students and employees returning to campus in the Fall. Information about campus implementation of the policy is available on the website.


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Supporting a robust teaching and learning experience a new section has been added to Campus Comeback website. Please visit,  For Faculty.

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Working together, Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) and the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) have launched a newly designed COVID-19 Campus Plan website, now called Campus Plan: A Phased Return. 

These three sections and pages support a safe and healthy phased return to campus life:

  1. Updates provides the latest news and communications related to SF State's COVID-19 response.
  2. Campus Comeback provides guidance for students, faculty, staff & administrators on how to plan for a return to a healthy & safe campus and mitigate the transmission of COVID-19.
  3. For Students highlights services that support our a healthy return to campus life activities, while promoting the safety of our students, faculty and staff.


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